CleanBoard for MacOS – Remove clipboard formatting

Download from Apple AppStore.

Don’t let formatting get in the way of your work!

You need cleanly formatted data on your clipboard, but the format is filled with annoying spaces and line breaks – don’t let extra formatting get in the way of your work. CleanBoard cleans up copied text so you can focus on more important things!

CleanBoard is a simple clipboard cleaner app that lets you clean your clipboard and make it more productive. It is lightweight and consumes little data, making it the perfect companion for students or business professionals who rely on the clipboard to do their job daily.

It is designed for professional writers and editors who frequently copy & paste large amounts of text daily. It allows you to clear text formatting and make your text look like it was copied from its original source. With CleanBoard, you can move text or numbers to another program with proper formatting. This simple but powerful tool is useful when working in spreadsheets or other applications that require clean formatting.